Iggy Pop – Post Pop Depression Tour, Toronto

The Ultimate Survivor. The Godfather of Punk. Iggy Pop.

I have gone on and on about Iggy in the past so i will spare you the fan gushing.

This time around Mr. Pop has joined forces with Josh Homme, Dean Fertita and Matt Helders, of Queens of The Stone Age and Arctic Monkeys, respectively

If you’re familiar with Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns (and if you’re not, we need to have a serious talk) you’ll recall that an aging, reclusive Batman takes on the streets one last time. Realizing his own mortality and physical limits he doesn’t go it alone. The Batman myth inspired a legion of mutants, wandering the streets making noise and scaring the shit out of anyone that deserved it. Under Batman’s guidance they find purpose. There is a beautiful violent harmony.

Iggy Pop, too, has spawned generations of angry, noisy vigilantes. Raised on dirty, swampy Mid-Western pre-punk, the Children of Pop aim to destroy the fabric of a superficial society and awful, complacent rock ‘n roll. On Post Pop Depression (Loma Vista Recordings), the generation gap is closed as some of the most promising disciples are anointed by their spiritual leader, and He too enjoys the fruits of his painful labour, without having to rest on his laurels.

The record is fucking fantastic, which nobody doubted. On stage, Iggy continues to be simultaneously menacing, playful, engaging and aloof. Nobody comes close to Iggy Pop. As seasoned and dynamic as his bandmates are during their day jobs, they know their role. They constantly pile on the dirty grooves that drive Iggy’s career-spanning set (well, solo career. Stooges-era work was conspicuously absent). Also can we just take a moment to admire that they open with Lust For Life. Not the closer, not encore-bait. They kick you in the balls as soon as the lights go down, and all you can do for the next 90 minutes is close your scream your face off and enjoy the beatdown.


Set List

Lust For Life

Sister Midnight

American Valhalla


In The Lobby

Some Weird Sin




German Days

Mass Production



The Passenger

China Girl

Break Into Your Heart

Fall In Love With Me

Repo Man


Chocolate Drops






Iggy Pop at Riot Fest – Toronto

What can I say about Iggy Pop that hasn’t been said before?  Not much, really.

Godfather of Punk; Innovator of stage diving, crowd surfing, body mutilation and the originator of heroin chic. Leathery, rubbery, other-worldy figure that he cuts, he’s fucking survived. And you can’t take that away from him.

People make that joke about Keith Richards and a cockroach…I really think Iggy’s got one up on Keith. My take is that Keith has always had a shit load more money and support system to help him stay alive. How many times was Iggy in the gutter before his ass was barely saved? First in ’72 by Bowie producing Raw Power. In ’75 when Bowie again swept him away to Berlin to record both of their finest work (Low, Lodger, Heroes, Lust for Life, The Idiot) and again in ’83 when Bowie puts Iggy’s “China Girl” on his massive Let’s Dance record, providing Iggy much needed, albeit mismanaged income. Richards has been living like a high class junkie since 1968.

Though this Riot Fest gig was billed as Iggy & The Stooges, Scott Asheton and James Williamson were nowhere to be found. No reason given. Bizarre, but nothing is surprising when it comes to the word of Iggy Pop.

So you may be saying to yourself  “We really don’t need these many pictures of Iggy Pop. It’s just gross.”

I say to you now, I don’t give a shit what you think. Firstly we should all bow to his greatness and fucking balls for inventing a lifestyle called punk long before it had a name and was remotely cool; back when it meant being piss poor, not knowing how to play, but earning enough to score heroin and miss your next gig; cutting yourself with glass  because you were at the peak of your trip midway through your set. He was a joke. A loser. A gutter rat who is now heralded as an icon. He wasn’t sold at Hot Topic and American Apparel or an exhibit at The Met.  I was privileged to be in his presence and allowed to shoot so God damnit I’m baring ’em here today.

Either you’re with us or you’re against us. Or some shit like that.

I give you, Iggy Pop

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