Broods – Time Fest, Toronto

New Zealand sibling duo Broods (Caleb & Georgia Nott) performed at Time Fest 2016 in Toronto in support of their latest record Conscious (Capitol)


Thank you 2015! Best of (and more) part 1…

I’m very thankful to all of my followers, friends, clients, and amazing bands out there playing live so I can keep busy and stay out of trouble! 2015 was another great year for Front of House Photography.

Among some of the highlights was an incredible stay in New York City which provided me with many awesome new friends and musical discoveries as well as the opportunity to capture a few NYC legends doing what they do best. Special thanks to Claire Mercuri, the folks at Shorefire Media, Girle PR, Madison Square Garden, Honzo Haven, Le Poisson Rouge, Nelson George, Alan Leeds, Dominique Trenier, Kellindo Parker, Mikey Phillips, Drew & Danielle McTaggart, JULY TALK, Abigail Ekuesmith, Jesse Paris Smith, Care Failure, JC Sandoval, Cristina Fernandes, Spill Magazine, 102. The Edge, A Music Blog, Yea?, Aux Magazine, Coalition Music, Steve Molella, Flip Publicity, Rachel Trachtenburg, WNYC Radio, Fred Norris, Stuart Klinger, Live nation, Collective Concerts, Union Events, Embrace, Rough Trade Records, Marina & The Diamonds, Arkells, Analogue Gallery, Head of the Herd, Janelle Monae, Baby’s All Right, The Mahones, Rival Sons, Bob Segarini, and so many others, I just can’t even organize my thoughts at the moment!


Here is part one of a whole lotta 2015! Enjoy and please feel free to share!

Thanks again,


The Pack A.D. perform at 102.1 The Edge studios – Toronto

Awesome, power-packed garage duo The Pack A.D. (Maya Miller on drums and vocals; Becky Black guitar and vocals) stopped by 102.1 The Edge studios to play a couple of tunes including their new single “Battering Ram” and promote their upcoming North American tour.

Check out their website for tour dates and to order some music!

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Iggy Pop at Riot Fest – Toronto

What can I say about Iggy Pop that hasn’t been said before?  Not much, really.

Godfather of Punk; Innovator of stage diving, crowd surfing, body mutilation and the originator of heroin chic. Leathery, rubbery, other-worldy figure that he cuts, he’s fucking survived. And you can’t take that away from him.

People make that joke about Keith Richards and a cockroach…I really think Iggy’s got one up on Keith. My take is that Keith has always had a shit load more money and support system to help him stay alive. How many times was Iggy in the gutter before his ass was barely saved? First in ’72 by Bowie producing Raw Power. In ’75 when Bowie again swept him away to Berlin to record both of their finest work (Low, Lodger, Heroes, Lust for Life, The Idiot) and again in ’83 when Bowie puts Iggy’s “China Girl” on his massive Let’s Dance record, providing Iggy much needed, albeit mismanaged income. Richards has been living like a high class junkie since 1968.

Though this Riot Fest gig was billed as Iggy & The Stooges, Scott Asheton and James Williamson were nowhere to be found. No reason given. Bizarre, but nothing is surprising when it comes to the word of Iggy Pop.

So you may be saying to yourself  “We really don’t need these many pictures of Iggy Pop. It’s just gross.”

I say to you now, I don’t give a shit what you think. Firstly we should all bow to his greatness and fucking balls for inventing a lifestyle called punk long before it had a name and was remotely cool; back when it meant being piss poor, not knowing how to play, but earning enough to score heroin and miss your next gig; cutting yourself with glass  because you were at the peak of your trip midway through your set. He was a joke. A loser. A gutter rat who is now heralded as an icon. He wasn’t sold at Hot Topic and American Apparel or an exhibit at The Met.  I was privileged to be in his presence and allowed to shoot so God damnit I’m baring ’em here today.

Either you’re with us or you’re against us. Or some shit like that.

I give you, Iggy Pop

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