Rebel Hero – Cherry Cola’s, Toronto

Toronto’s Rebel Hero made a triumphant return to the stage at Cherry Cola’s, the best rock n’ roll bar in town!


Sumo Cyco at Cherry Cola’s Rock n’Rolla Cabaret – NXNE

Sumo Cyco lead singer Skye Sweetnam has never shied away from incredibly sexy stage outfits, and Hello Nurse, NXNE at Cherry Cola’s was no exception! In fact the clamouring of cameras at the front of the stage is getting pretty damn feverish. Behind this incredibly energetic and raw performer is the tightest loose band kicking out the jams! Always a hot and sweaty show!

After seeing them at the Hideout and the Bovine, Cherry Cola’s was the most fitting venue for their brand of hard hitting, sexy punk. My favourite club in this wonderful city, Cherry’s has the perfect blend of class and sleaze that suits Sumo Cyco so well!

Keep up with all their videos and live appearances (including the upcoming Warped Tour! Sweet!) on their Facebook page


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Super Geek League at Cherry Cola’s Rock’nRolla Cabaret

I don’t know much about Super Geek League. I had no idea what the hell I was getting into when I stepped into Cherry’s for the opening night of Music City North.

I encountered Super Geek League.

It was a blur. White suited brass with steampunk masks and plastic sunflowers. Ringmasters in short shorts and riding crops. A space age diva bringing down the house on vocals.

Whatever the hell they are, it was incredible. Funky, soulful and just the right amount of frightening.

Be sure to check them out back in Toronto for NXNE (June 14th)

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Don’t Believe A Word I Say – The Bobcast – Episode 8 @segarini

The eighth instalment of the DBAWIS Bobcast – hosted by the legendary Bob Segarini and Roxanne Tellier, with the house band Xprime

Featured guests: Entrepreneur and musician Frank D’Angelo, journalist Doug Thompson

Join the Facebook group to hear the weekly audio podcast, and come on down and be part of the live

audience – taped Mondays at 9 pm, at Cherry Cola’s

Rival Sons – Lee’s Palace, Toronto

I don’t fancy myself as a writer. In fact I dread the little intros I write here before I present the photos. I can’t just say NOTHING, but what I do write needs to be witty and engaging, right? Well today I actually DO want to express myself. I need to talk about this Rival Sons show at Lee’s Palace last Friday. for those of you already bored, feel free to skip to the photos, but be sure to click the links to download their albums from iTunes first, thanks.

I go to alot of shows. I haven’t been wowed like this in years. (Prince shows aside, obviously). The energy in the room before Rival Sons took the stage was incredible. i felt excited to be there and not just because I scored a great spot for shooting the band. Sadly that tends to be all that excites me about live music these days, but it’s good to feel alive again!

I’ve written about this band recently, when I was lucky enough to see them at Club 279, performing five acoustic songs to about a hundred people in the audience. The Lee’s Palace show was a full on, rock extravaganza. It was one of those rare moments when you felt like you were witnessing SOMETHING. A band just before their peak? A crowd completely floored by a group of real rock musicians? A heart warming homecoming of sorts? All of that. Going through dozens of photos I took that night I’m reminded of a photo my friend Doug McClement took back in 1969 at The Rockpile (now The Masonic temple,  MTv studios or something). I’m not making a direct comparison to RS and LZ, but it’s definitely hard to not see similarities. And I wonder if Doug knew what he was witnessing or capturing that day.

photo by Doug McClement

Rival Sons are from California but they’ll be the first to admit Toronto has been their significant home away from home. Specifically at Cherry Cola’s Rock n’Rolla Cabaret. The only bar to book them over and over again, crucial in securing them their Canadian distribution. When lead singer Jay Buchanan stopped the show to give a sincere warm thank you to Cherry’s, it’s owner Cherish Stevenson, booker Dave Holender and my good friend Bob Segarini, who has championed them from day one in his column, it was a beautiful, heartfelt moment.

Please be sure to grab all 3 of the Rival Sons albums as soon as you can, including their latest “Head Down”. They are available on iTunes (see link below) or CD/Vinyl from the bands website

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Photos: Yup, even MORE best of 2012