Alysha Brilla & The Brillion Dollar Band

I recently had the pleasure of shooting the incredibly beautiful and talented Alysha Brilla and the very funky Brillion Dollar Band in studio. Be sure to check them out live and on record as soon as you can. Keep informed of upcoming shows and new music and videos on her new website and view her latest video for “Two Shots” below

Alysha Brilla “Two Shots” video



Deadly Viper Assassin Squad (D-VAS) – Toronto Roller Derby – photoshoot

Behold the Deadly Viper Assassin Squad!

Taken from the Toronto Roller Derby homepage:

“The Deadly Viper Assassination Squad is an elite team of assassins, highly trained to combat evil, power and corruption on roller skates. Using a combination of unspecified intelligence, ancient martial arts, their stunning good looks and charm, these beautiful girls, have successfully infiltrated and overtaken the Italian Mafia, CSIS, MI-5, The Illuminati and the American Government.”

Learn more avout the D-VAS and Toronto Roller Derby on their official website