Sam Roberts Band performing live in Toronto

The Sam Roberts Band performing live at the Bandshell at the CNE in Toronto, in support of their latest record “Terraform”


Sound Image 2015 at The Analogue Gallery – Vote now!

For the second year in a row, Front of House Photography is proud to have an image chosen as a finalist in the Sound Image exhibit at Toronto’s wonderful Analogue Gallery


The image below has been selected to be part of the gallery exhibit which kicks off March 12th. Judges will pick a grand prize winner on opening night.

Monster truck

This is Jon Harvey of Hamilton’s Monster Truck on stage at Edgefest 2014. I was shooting their performance sidestage and had the insane idea to dash midway across the stage behind his bass cabinet and crouch down for a while, popping up to get some crowd shots. This one particular time I popped up and Jon happened to walk to wards the bass cab, reach for a towel and mop his sweaty, hard-rockin’ brow.


We need your votes!

In addition to the image above, several of my photos have been entered into the online Facebook fan contest. The image with the most likes/votes wins! if you have a few minutes, please feel free to click the links below which lead you to FOH’s images in the Analogue Gallery album and if you feel compelled to, Like them! Every vote counts – thanks everyone!


Thank you to everyone for all of the continued support!

Sam Roberts Band


Andrea Ramolo


July Talk


Brody Dalle

Brody Dalle

St. Vincent




Monster Truck


The Balconies



Head of the Herd

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Happy Times with The Sam Roberts Band

The Sam Roberts Band – what a jovial bunch of guys! Here we are pictured after their killer performance at Edge corporate headquarters and I had just told them they wear too much denim for one rock group. Sorry Guys! See you at TURF!

Bobby with The Sam Roberts Band - happy times

Bobby with The Sam Roberts Band – happy times

Sam Roberts Band exclusive performance at 102.1 The Edge

Sam Roberts Band stopped by 102.1 The Edge studios in Toronto to promote their latest record “Lo-Fantasy”. The Canadian rockers performed an intimate set for a very lucky audience of about 100 listeners in a plush, cozy theatre, located at Corus Quay: Edge corporate headquarters. Performing cuts from the new album, some classics and engaging some revealing, awkward Q&A with the audience.

The guys couldn’t be any nicer or gracious to their fans and they sound great. The new record has a bit more soulful rhythm to it, honouring the soulful and blues roots of modern rock. Pick up a copy of Lo-Fantasy everywhere! Even their website!