The Lumineers – Mod Club Theatre, Toronto

Well, it’s all out in the open now. Fred & Mel’s Secret Thing is out. That’s right the 102.1 The Edge morning hosts can state for the record neither of them have any more secrets to hide, ever. This last one was a big reveal. Hundreds of fans and listeners lined up on College St at The Mod Club Theatre in anticipation for an invite-only mystery concert on a Wednesday night. The buzz was a big band was going to headline a small club show, but who could it be? No hints!

The presence of the lovely folks at Dine Alone Records outside the venue helped narrow down the guesses, and with such a stellar roster, the odds were it was going to be one hell of a show. No cell phones were permitted in the show. Whoever was taking the stage had some nerve to deny the crowd their MySpace updating privileges for a few hours.

The Edge did not disappoint. Fashionably late by about 20 minutes Fred & Mel introduced The Lumineers to a packed house. OK, those in the front of the club may have had a clue given the eponymous bass drum.

Wesley Schultz and company came to town to promote their second album “Cleopatra” out next week on Dine Alone Records/Dualtone which features the hit single “Ophelia.” Scroll down for the beautiful video and stay tuned to for exclusive concert footage soon!


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