The Who Hits 50! The Air Canada Centre, Toronto

THE WHO’S FINAL TOUR! No really, this time.

“We always end our fuckin’ tours in Toronto! And we’ll do it again next week!” Mocked birthday boy Roger Daltrey. The spry 72 year-old was only half-joking. The Who are scheduled to return to the ACC in just over a month. A cancelled 2015 date resulting in the close re-encounters, but nobody’s complaining. The Who Hits 50! And boy were there hits. All killer, no filler, as they say.

After struggling with some guitar issues through the first two songs, Pete Townshend informed the crowd he discovered the problem with his amp. It wasn’t loud enough. Cheeky. The night was chock full of nostalgia, from the opening slideshow giving us classic images, biographies and factoids about Pete’s famous Union Jack coat (which I learned initially belonged to John Entwistle! And now you did too!)

What more can be said about The Who? It’s The Fucking Who! You know them. You love them. Enjoy these photos, take the nearest USB cable on your desk and swing it above your head, windmill the armrest on your ergonomic chair and scream at the top of your lungs! Know that you will never be as cool as these guys so you may as well have fun pretending.



Photographs by Bobby Singh on assignment for Q107/Corus Entertainment. Copyright 2016 Front of House Photography. Please do not edit, alter or use without permission or proper credit. email for info. Thank you.


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