Thank You 2015 – Best of part 2…

I’m very thankful to all of my followers, friends, clients, and amazing bands out there playing live so I can keep busy and stay out of trouble! 2015 was another great year for Front of House Photography.

Among some of the highlights was an incredible stay in New York City which provided me with many awesome new friends and musical discoveries as well as the opportunity to capture a few NYC legends doing what they do best. Special thanks to Claire Mercuri, the folks at Shorefire Media, Girle PR, Madison Square Garden, Honzo Haven, Le Poisson Rouge, Nelson George, Alan Leeds, Dominique Trenier, Kellindo Parker, Mikey Phillips, Drew & Danielle McTaggart, JULY TALK, Abigail Ekuesmith, Jesse Paris Smith, Care Failure, JC Sandoval, Cristina Fernandes, Spill Magazine, 102. The Edge, A Music Blog, Yea?, Aux Magazine, Coalition Music, Steve Molella, Flip Publicity, Rachel Trachtenburg, WNYC Radio, Fred Norris, Stuart Klinger, Live nation, Collective Concerts, Union Events, Embrace, Rough Trade Records, Marina & The Diamonds, Arkells, Analogue Gallery, Head of the Herd, Janelle Monae, Baby’s All Right, The Mahones, Rival Sons, Bob Segarini, and so many others, I just can’t even organize my thoughts at the moment!

Here is part two of a whole lotta 2015! Enjoy and please feel free to share!

Thanks again,



One thought on “Thank You 2015 – Best of part 2…

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