Finger Eleven with Head of The Herd, Hamilton

Head of the Herd

Vancouver blues rockers Head of The Herd brought their soul, swagger and sweat to Hamilton as the opening act for Finger Eleven as they have been doing for a few weeks now.

Their third LP Birds on the Roof, was recorded in the US, Canada and the UK in some fairly significant studio spaces. Fun fact: The piano that drives “I’m a Mother” was located in Wales. Oh, another fun fact: It was used by Freddie Mercury on a little song called “Bohemian Rhapsody.” Yeah, that one!

The recording process was an ambitious effort from a more than capable group of musicians. Any live show that can make a Hamilton club feel like an honest to goodness juke joint is one that cannot be missed!


Finger Eleven

It was an excited hometown crowd filing into the Molson Canadian Studio in Hamilton on a Tuesday night for Burlington boys Finger Eleven.

The club was filled with old friends and long-time fans who told me they’ve been following the band since their high school days as Rainbow Butt Monkeys.

From the start of the set frontman Scott Anderson was all smiles even as he got right down to business.

Running through their catalogue of hits as well as a few new numbers, the main set closed with “Paralyzer” undoubtedly their biggest single to date. During the encore, couples swayed, lighters were lit and the crowd sang along to “one Thing” the power ballad that launched the band’s success in North America.

Finger Eleven’s seventh album “Five Crooked Lines” was released earlier this year and the tour in support of the album has taken them across the country and wraps up at The Phoenix Concert theatre in Toronto, November 20th.



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