SATE – Bovine Sex Club, NXNE

Fulfilled. Satisfied to the fullest. Satiated. Sate.

If you were part of the packed crowd at the Bovine Sex Club during this set, on a sweltering, stank night, you wouldn’t feel any other way.

SATE took the stage for a short but intense set just before midnight, tearing through new material from her Red Black & Blue EP’s

With a heavy dose of rock with the funkiest, frenetic grooves, the band barely took a breather for the entire 30 minutes.

And when it was over, not a dry pore in the house.

SATE is always evolving, growing, challenging expectations. And delivering. Oh, she delivers.

The aural assault on the senses from the stage is like a hard slap to the face followed by a sweet kiss to soothe the sting. Trust me. It’s a great feeling!

Listen to “Warrior” below and check out Sate July 11th at Harbourfront and during TURF this September.

And if you already don’t yet, You’re gonna know her name.


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