Zeus – “Classic Zeus” release party – June Records, Toronto

Hundreds of people jammed up an alleyway behind June Records on College street on a Tuesday night to party with Zeus. A record release party. With real records. And many people went into said record store after the party and bought said record. Or received a copy for free on tape. TAPE! What is happening? Whatever it is it’s pretty awesome. Zeus has an ever-growing, loyal fanbase that is all over “Classic Zeus” the new record, out on Arts & Crafts. Go into a store and buy it. By now you should know you’ll get a digital download code which allows you to listen to music outside of the house, while you’re riding on the bus, hanging out on the docks at night by yourself or avoiding annoying conversation.

Whatever your reason, fill your ears with “Classic Zeus”

Also be sure to celebrate the traditional way, indoors, at Lee’s Palace, September 27th!





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