Sundown at 40 – Gordon Lightfoot Tribute Concert, Toronto

I’ve been trying to come up with a half decent intro for this post but everything I write seems like recycled, hackneyed music journalism cliches. I really can’t sum up Gordon Lightfoot’s career or “Sundown” the 1974 album that was celebrated at this show. All I can say is that Tom Wilson gathered some of the country’s best singers and performers to pay tribute to the man, and the record, performing it in its entirety as well as other Lightfoot classics.

The man himself was in attendance and performed 2 solo numbers and an uplifting, emotional ensemble finale. It was a beautiful night honouring a musical legend.

Those are the facts, and I can do no better justice trying to describe what an amazing night it was.

Performers included Tom Wilson (with LeE HARVey OsMOND), Scarlett Jane, Harlan Pepper, Terra Lightfoot, Ron Sexsmith, Dan Romano, Jacob Moon, Jory Nash and Aaron Goldstein.

Thanks to Tom Wilson for graciously putting this night together, and of course thank you Gord for a timeless classic.



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