St. Vincent – NXNE, Toronto

It appears it isn’t very hard to go from quirky to straight-up eccentric, once you record and tour with David Byrne. His awkward influence has definitely rubbed off on St. Vincent. She started her set sans-guitar, jerking her body up and down the stage, reminiscent of Byrne’s unique form of dance as seen in “Stop Making Sense” with a little bit of Klaus Nomi-era David Bowie. When i first became aware of her years ago it was initially for her videos than her music. To say her creative vision was “out there” would be an understatement.

St. Vincent (Annie Clark) performed to a huge crowd at Yonge Dundas Square as part of NXNE’s free concert series. Returning to town after her joint tour with Byrne to support her self-titled fourth album.

Clark was, as always, a stunning, doe-eyed vision, with white braids and high cheekbones. Her angelic beauty and voice sharply contrasted by her gritty, raunchy guitar work that proves above all else, this girl knows how to rock the fuck out.



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