Steel Panther “All You Can Eat” Tour – Sound Academy, Toronto

It’s a difficult thing to go into a show completely unaware of what to expect. I like to do my research, prep some sort of angle and opinion of the band I’m about to shoot. When it came to Steel Panther, nothing could quite prepare me for what I was about to witness. In all their glory, Steel Panther are one of the most entertaining bands I have ever seen. Period. Mid-80’s heavy metal/hair sleaze rock is a niche genre these days, and by adding to it ridiculous layers of Spinal Tap-esque humour and lunacy, Steel Panther have cornered the market. Whatever their market is.

The incessant mugging for the camera, the jump kicks, lyrics I dare not reprint here for fear of corrupting your unborn children…and oh that glorious hair!

Have a look at some photos from their set and then scroll down for live video found on youtube, but be warned, there is no unseeing Steel Panther!


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