The Balconies live at Lee’s Palace, Toronto

What can I say about The Balconies that I haven’t said to pretty much everyone I know. One of my favourite bands around, with a killer debut album “Fast Motions” (if someone out there really loves me, they’ll buy me the purple record). Playing to a sold-out hometown crowd at Lee’s, celebrating the new record, after a busy 2013 touring the world, you’d be forgiven for assuming these kids were getting full of themselves but you couldn’t be more wrong. So stop making assumptions altogether. Stop talking to a blog.

At the risk of ruining their rock’n’roll reputation I will boldly say that they are still a sweet, gracious bunch of folks. Their live shows get better and better, and they remain loose while still staying tight. That’s the best way I can describe it. It’s difficult to capture their incredible energy in still photos, especially Jacquie’s hair flippin’ lunging so I highly recommend you see them live as soon as possible. Also go get a copy of Fast Motions, check out their latest single “The Slo” after the photos, and don’t forget to thank me later


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