Alysha Brilla at The Painted Lady

I’m not a religious man, but I have to acknowledge that sometimes the concert photography gods smile upon me and grace me with their gifts. Be they decent lighting, workable sight lines, polite crowds or the most coveted – drink tickets.

Stepping into The Painted Lady and making my way to the tiny stage I was reminded of yet another valuable gift. Being presented with an incredibly stunning and photogenic subject, whose pictures an idiot couldn’t mess up. Yes, that was my first impression of Alysha Brilla. I tend not to get into music reviews and to stay focused on the imagery, but suffice to say I was very impressed with her soulful voice, charismatic stage presence and one of the funkiest bands I have heard in ages.

The performance was followed by the premiere of her sultry video “Two Shots.” Presented and directed by Josh Haggarty of the Toronto music collective aBabe Music.  Be sure to grab the latest album and keep up to date on all things Alysha on her homepage


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