Dinosaur Bones – “Shaky Dream” record Release Party

I’m not one to review records. At least on print. Oh, it’s not that I lack the snark, highbrow references, and anecdotes only the cool kids will get. I simply feel I have no right, as a non-musician to craft a piece of writing that’s more than a few sentences, expressing my feeling about the record. Something like that will surely be reviewed negatively by those that review reviews.

I will say that I really, really dig “Shaky Dream” by Toronto’s Dinosaur Bones. It sounds good to me. It feels good to me. Lots of others are saying the same thing. It’s pretty unanimous. Go check it out for yourself.

The band held a release party at Studio Bar, a funky, sparse new venue on Dundas West that will hopefully be the home of many more shows. Me and several dozen of the band’s guests were treated to a live rendition of the album, from front to back. And it held up incredibly well. The worst thing I experience all to often as an avid goer of concerts is when a band creates a wonderful product in studio which they just can’t re-create the same way on stage. It takes a band with talent and practical songwriting. At least I think so, how would I know? In any case Dinosaur Bones pull it off like pros.

Be sure to check out “Shaky Dreams” from Dinosaur Bones’ homepage and on iTunes Canada and some other great times FoH has had with the band

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