Broken Bricks – The Hideout – NXNE

A Broken Bricks performance cannot be represented by photos alone. So why am I even trying? Because they look so damn cool. Sure you can’t hear the solid British garage rock influenced grooves; the piano lines that can switch from honky-tonk to classical at the drop of a dime; or the dark-humoured, downright twisted lyrics. So why don’t you go to their bandcamp page, buy some great music and then keep these photos on a slideshow loop. It’s not the same but it’s the best I can do for you at this moment in time. Failing that, I suggest you catch one of their shows while you still can. Their anticipated sophomore album is in the works and surely a tour will follow. Check out their facebook page for news and upcoming shows.

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One thought on “Broken Bricks – The Hideout – NXNE

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