Silvergun & Spleen – The Painted Lady – NXNE

Slave Lake, Alberta is clearly the most rockinest town in Canada…that is if Silvergun & Spleen are any representation of their hometown. And I will make the leap that they are.

Currently based outside of Ottawa (clearly another hotbed of indie rock) they have made numerous festival appearances here in the sleepy musical town of Toronto, and have garnered a rabid following. They packed The Painted Lady at 2 am on a hot Friday night for NXNE.  The sweaty crowd included an enthusiastic burlesque dancer (photo included for gratuitous skin) and a mix of other ass-shakin’, fist pumpin’ fans.

Hot off the heels of their latest video release “Crack” which, thanks to incredible timing, garnered a ton of attention online, S&S are constantly playing dates. Check their website for upcoming tour dates, merch and to get your hands on “Crack”!

Apologies to drummer John Lenherr whose drum kit was hidden way back on the tiny stage, you were not excluded from the photos for any personal reasons. You rock, man!


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