The Muscadettes – Bovine Sex Club – NXNE

So a guy walks into the Bovine and a stunning redheaded Frenchwoman approached him… Sorry, there’s no punchline I just want to put it out there that this actually happened to me. “Your face tells me something about you” Do go on, I think to myself. “Les Breastfeeders, Osheaga?” The Frenchwoman triggers hazy memories of the explosive, sweaty Francophone punk set from last year’s Montreal fest. Her name is Kathleen Ambridge. I met her and her lovely twin sister Chantal waiting for Les Breastfeeders to hit the stage. We all met up for drinks at L’Esco and Quebecois madness ensued. Maybe. I forget. It turns out, L’Esco is a venue that Kathleen and Chantal play frequently in their own band The Muscadettes.

The Muscadettes classed up the grungy stage of The Bovine and cranked out some great Anglo power pop, primarily from their self-titled EP. I suggest you get it, but only if you’re a fan of jaunty, rockin tunes with beautiful sisterly harmonies. Yeah, so everyone!

Visit their Facebook page here

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