Shuggie Otis at The Phoenix Concert Theatre

The legendary Shuggie Otis performed at The Phoenix Concert Theatre to promote the re-release of his 1974 classic, Inspiration/Information. After the album’s release the 21 year-old Shuggie ended his solo career and worked primarily as a session musician for his father, Johnny Otis. It continues to be a family affair for Shuggie for this tour; his brother Nicky on drums and son Eric on guitar.

Far from a household name, his most famous composition, performed by The Brothers Johnson “Strawberry letter 23” was a huge hit. You know it. Maybe not by name, but you know it. Hell, it was used in a Special K Strawberry ad a few years back!

Do yourself a favour, pick up Inspiration/Information/Wings of Love, which features several unreleased studio tracks. It’s full of some of the most soulful, funky, beautiful guitar work you’ll ever hear this side of Minneapolis. He doesn’t showboat and go off on Santana-type solos. The entire album is an organic, spiritual experience, if I may be so cliche. It was such a rare treat to see a phenomenal artist who’s spent so much time out of the limelight to reap the rewards of his legacy.

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