Stacey Kaniuk at C’est What? – CMW

Though she’s a tiny little thing, Stacey Kaniuk has one of the most dynamic, most soulful voices I have heard in years. She doesn’t take you through a series of unnecessary vocal gymnastics. Her songs are heartfelt, well-crafted and relatable to anyone who has ever been in love, never been in love, or even if they’re not quite sure. She performed at C’est What? on Day 1 of Canadian Music Week, solo with her keyboard, and she was absolutely captivating. Be sure to check her out later in the Fest – Friday March 22nd 11:00pm at Czehoski

Check out her debut album “Hot Air Balloon”, and she juuust may be a guest on the next edition of the DBAWIS Bobcast (Monday March 25th)

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One thought on “Stacey Kaniuk at C’est What? – CMW

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