The Balconies – Lee’s Palace, Toronto

I’d been hearing The Balconies name bandied about town (yes, bandied) for a long while before I actually caught a glimpse of the kids. At first it was at an Audio Blood Media birthday party at Sneaky Dee’s where the band played 70’s covers all night. Fun times, but it wasn’t quite enough to see what they could do. Next time I caught them playing 3 songs on a rooftop at an Audio Blood Media NXNE party (Audio Blood sure likes to throw parties). Fun times again, this time outdoors, but I still hadn’t seen a full set. They kept eluding me.

When I found out they were opening for Rival Sons across Canada, well I was tickled pink. One of my favourite new rock bands, being supported by the mysterious group of locals that was so hard to catch. It was fate. Kismet. About damn time The Balconies stopped running from me. It was all setup to go. Nice and easy. Oh but then the ground fell out from under our feet. I won’t go into specifics but let’s just say strings needed to be pulled and wheels had to be greased to get into this show. All bitching aside, the evening went incredibly well. I had finally been granted an audience with The Balconies.

And Holy Fuck were they excellent! They are a power trio if there ever was one. Catchy hooks, killer riffs and a great groove. In the centre of it all, shimmying and hair-whipping is Jacquie. O Jacquie O! Another entry in my BeDazzled manila folder labeled “Chicks that Rock”.  (It’s not sexist if it’s positive, right?) Along with Little Foot Long Foot, CATL and Silvergun & Spleen

With hits like “Kill Count” and “Do it in the Dark” already under their belt, The Balconies are solid. Another reason I’m proud to be from this Great Music City.

Follow their blog here and be sure to download the “Kill Count” EP and “So it in the Dark” single.


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