TimeGiant – The Dakota Tavern, Toronto

There is currently a resurgence of real rock n’roll bands back on the scene. It couldn’t have come any sooner in my opinion. Bands like The Sheepdogs, Rival Sons, Monster Truck are throwing a nod to the past and still writing contemporary songs/jams for the younguns. Balls-out, anthemic rock songs that have hopefully shut the door on emo, screamo and somehow-still-grunge bands whining about the bleak state of life. Let’s have some fun shall we?

In comes TimeGiant. Local longhairs who remind me very much of early Sabbath with a bit of 80’s hairband thrown in. Its a great combination. I stumbled upon these guys opening for Treble Charger at The Dakota, an odd sentence in itself. Right off the bat I was into it. Jam band with great hooks. Unfortunately I didnt get to see any double guitars but they busted out a sax!

Be sure to check them out March 1st when they play the greatest bar in the city, Cherry Cola’s and around town during CMW 2013

You can pick up their latest album “Grow” on their homepage


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