Exploring Sonic Boom records, Toronto

I’ve been to Sonic Boom dozens of times since they moved into their new location (782 Bathurst St) occupying part of Honest Ed’s. I never really took time to appreciate the new digs. Get in, find records, get out. It’s a cold, selfish, disrespectful act on my part. So today I wandered in with the sole purpose of admiring the the aesthetic, beauty and charm. To give back after so, so much taking.

If you haven’t been to Sonic Boom yet, please do. Get educated. It’s not nearly as seedy or musky as some of the older record shops that are left in the city. In fact it’s bright, spacious and inviting. If you have no interest in records, or music, please stop reading now.

Similar to Amoeba Records in San Francisco, Sonic Boom promotes new local artists as much as, or even more than deifying relics of the past. Some of the Honest Ed’s “charm” is evident in the new location. Though I do hate the site of the giant Dollarama occupying the old location on Bloor, the new space works well. The basement may be gone, but the store still hosts in-store performances, especially during festivals like CMW and NXNE.

I am not being paid or endorsed by Sonic Boom in any way by posting this (though I’m not too proud to accept the life-size/mini Prince standee) I just felt like sharing one of my favourite stores in the city. A store that has taken alot of my money from me.


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