Andy Kim Christmas Show part 4

Ok folks, the final post from the awesome night that was the 8th Annual Andy Kim Christmas Show!

Featuring surprise guest Serena Ryder, Sloan, and Dan Mangan, As is the tradition with te annual shows, there’s lways a super jam. It’s an incredible feeling as a Canadian Music fan to look up at the stage and see Kevin Hearn of Barenaked Ladies on banjo, Mangan and Kevin Drew on co-lead vocals, Chris Murphy of Sloan on bass, Derek Downham of The beauties on lead guitar and Brendan Canning on keys. CanCon my ass, these are great musicians who stand alone on merit.

Go out and see these performers live whenever you can, and buy their records. Keep supporting local talent, not just because it’s local but because it’s damn good! Now anyone who knows me knows I rave about one particular scene in The Last Waltz. The 80% Canadian Band, together on stage with Neil Young performing helpless. Doesn’t get more Canadian than that. Well it actually does. Joni Mitchell providing haunting vocals hidden backstage. I get chills everytime I hear that clip. Check below for the video after the photos.

This year’s show supported the Jeff Healy park, fundraising to install instruments for children of all accessibilities. Musicians helping nurture and support future generations of musicians.

Thanks again to Andy Kim and Ron Sexsmith for putting it all together.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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Neil Young, Joni Mitchell & The Band “Helpless


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