The Sheepdogs – Hamilton Convention Centre

As someone who doesn’t frequent Hamilton very often, I have no clue if the Convention Centre hosts its fair share of concerts. It has an early-eighties corporate feel to it. A small snack counter in the foyer with chips, hot dogs and pop; roll-away wall partitions and a hangar like ceiling. It felt very much like being at a high school dance in the gymnasium. Not ideal for sound, but given that high school dances back in the day always featured live bands over Djs, it was only fitting for The Sheepdogs.

Now the boys have definitely graduated beyond auditoriums but there was something retro and quaint about the whole affair. Although the PA left alot to be desired the band played as great as always. They’re getting into a serious groove on this tour . A well-oiled bearded machine, if you will.

If you haven’t already, go get their Self-titled sophomore album. Now. Vinyl available at the wonderful Dr Disc (@DrDiscHamilton) and at the Sheepdogs website.

This post is dedicated with gratitude to a one  Hilary Johnston. Thats the way it is.

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