Thoughts on Osheaga 2012

I am not a festival person. There are alot of people there. I am not a people person. Yet, much like Samuel de Champlain, I bought a business class train ticket and prepared to have my world rocked by the natives.

The festival was organized as well as it could have been. Phenomenal sound, quick stage setups, no delays, and relatively cheap beer. But it was Bud. Only Bud.

Large stages lack intimacy, constant flow of traffic between stages means your feet will get crushed many, many times. Rain means mud. The park itself was beautiful, with a lily pad-laden river flowing through the centre of it. A stark cry from the bleak Downsview airforce base that houses Edgefest in Toronto.

As with most concerts I wanted to relax and enjoy and not be stressed to rush up close to capture the bands closeup. In some cases I did. In other cases it was too much of a chore. I will present what i think are my favourites in the following posts .


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